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Handgun Purchase Permits

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NC Law requires a purchase permit issued by the Sheriff of the county where you reside for an individual to purchase a handgun from a gun dealer.

Application process & Fees

Weapons Purchase Permits are available from the Alexander County Sheriff’s Office for citizens who reside in Alexander County.  The Alexander County Sheriff’s Office now offers Gun Purchase Permit applications online for a $5.00 fee per permit plus a $3 processing fee per transaction (not per permit) payable online via credit card.  The application process generally takes 10-15 minutes to complete online.  Once your application has been approved you will be notified by email to come to the Alexander County Sheriff’s Office to pick up your permit in person.  Make sure to bring a government-issued photo ID card or valid NC Driver’s License with you to pick up your permit.  Please note that your information on your ID must match the information you provided on your permit application.  Once issued, permits are valid for the purchase of one handgun each or the duration of 5 years, whichever occurs first.  Purchase Permits can be used for long gun purchases but are not required by law.

Mental Health Release

In accordance with recent legislation, applicants must now appear in person at the Alexander County Sheriff’s Office and sign a Mental Health Release Form which authorizes agency personnel to perform a mental health background investigation on the applicant.  Processing of handgun purchase permits will not begin until this release for has been signed.  Please allow up to five days for the background check to be completed by the Clerk of court staff on handgun purchase permit applications.

Application Kiosk

If you would like to apply for a gun permit but do not have access to a computer or the internet you may use a free computer kiosk located in the lobby of the Sheriff’s Office to complete your application.  You may also pay for your permits with cash in person by visiting the Alexander County Sheriff’s Office.  Once paid for, you will receive a “coupon code” that you can use to complete the online transaction for your applications.  Office hours for the kiosk and for gun permits is Monday – Friday 8am – 4pm.

NOTE: On August 11th, 2004, the Governor of North Carolina signed into law that citizens with a CCW (Concealed Carry Weapons Permit) can purchase handguns through dealers, using their CCW. It is no longer necessary for these citizens, who have already been approved to carry a concealed weapon and have been fingerprinted, to come to the Sheriff’s Office to obtain a Pistol Purchase Permit.