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Detention Center Phone Number:  828-632-0304

The Alexander County Detention Center is located adjacent to the Alexander County Law Enforcement Center at 91 Commercial Park Avenue in Taylorsville, NC.  The 164 bed facility provides secure custody for both males and females who have been committed to the custody of the Sheriff of Alexander County.

Captain Phillip Starnes currently serves as jail administrator and is assisted by Lt. Adrian Davis and Lt. Jonathan Starnes in the oversight of daily operation of the facility.  Lt. Davis and Lt. Starnes supervise a number of certified full-time detention officers who staff four shifts that work a rotating schedule to provide 24 hour supervision of inmates in the facility.


Visitation is by scheduled appointment only.  To schedule an appointment please call 828-632-0304 and speak to a Detention Center staff member.

Visitation is conducted according to the schedule below:


A-Dorm, B-Dorm


1:00pm – 4:30pm    7:30pm – 9:30pm
C-Dorm, D-Dorm


1:00pm – 4:30pm    7:30pm – 9:30pm


1:00pm – 4:30pm    7:30pm – 9:30pm
Segregation Inmates


By appointment only as authorized by Command Staff

Inmate Commissary Account

Inmates confined to the Alexander County Detention Center may have the privilege of purchasing certain items from the Detention Center Commissary.  To purchase items the inmate must have funds available in their commissary account.  Family members may deposit funds for an inmate’s account by leaving the funds in a drop box (located in the Detention Center lobby) provided by Emerald Vending Company of Alexander County.  All funds should be secured in an envelope provided at the drop box and should include the inmates full name.  If you have any issues with the commissary services provided please contact the vendor directly via their website.

Inmate Telephone Service

Inmate telephone services are provided by PayTel Communications on a pay-per-call basis.  Minutes for inmate collect calls may be purchases by contacting PayTel at 1-800-PAY-TELL (1-800-729-8355).

Inmate Court Date Information

Upcoming court dates for inmates may be found in the NC Court System website.  Do not call the Alexander County Detention Center to request information on upcoming inmate court dates.  If you need additional information about court dates or the court process you may contact the Alexander County Clerk of Court at 828-632-2215.

Bonding Process

Once an individual is arrested and brought before a judicial official (Judge or Magistrate), the Conditions of Release (bond) is set by that official.  These conditions must be met for that person to be released from custody prior to their court date.  If a person has a secured bond, that amount can be satisfied in one of three ways:

  • (Option 1) Paying the full amount of the bond in cash to the Clerk of Superior Court as a promissory measure to guarantee their appearance at all court dates for that particular case (the full amount is returned if the defendant is present at all court proceedings once the case is fully disposed of)
  • (Option 2) An Alexander County landowner may use property they own as a guarantee against the defendant to ensure their appearance at all court dates.  If the bond amount is greater than $2,500 then a current Alexander County Tax Statement must be presented to the Detention staff to prove there are no tax levies against the property at the time of application (unless a prior waiver is obtained from the Magistrate or the Alexander County Clerk of Superior Court).
  • (Option 3) A bondsman may be contacted to post bond for the defendant.  Bonding Agencies generally charge a fee of 15% of the bond total as a non-returnable service fee.  These fees may vary for different bonding agencies.  A current list of Bonding Agencies in Alexander County may be obtained from the Alexander County Detention Center or int he business section of the phone book.  Please note that Detention Officers are not allowed to recommend bonding agencies.