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Sex Offender Registry

North Carolina law requires sex offenders who have been convicted of certain offenses to register with their county sheriff. The sheriff collects information from the offender and court documents. The sheriff then enters the information into the NC Sex Offender Registry database.

This information is available on a county wide basis at the sheriff’s office. The North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation takes certain information submitted by the sheriffs in all 100 counties in the state and makes it available to the public via the Sex Offender Registry website.  Sex Offender Statistics by NC County can also be found online.

If you would like email alerts or phone alerts about registered sex offenders in your area you may sign up for notifications through the NC Department Of Justice website.

The National Sex Offender Registry is maintained by the US Department of Justice and also allows you to search for offenders in NC and other states.

A Message From The Sheriff

The links to the services on this site are for public informational purposes only.  As Sheriff of Alexander County, my staff and I work very diligently to both protect the citizens of Alexander County and to assist them in educating themselves on potential threats to their safety.  I would like to remind you that the best protection you can afford yourself and your family is an ever vigilant awareness of your surroundings.  As always, if you see suspicious activity in Alexander County, contact the Alexander County Sheriff”s Office immediately.




Chris W. Bowman, Sheriff