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Community Watch


Program History

Since taking office in October, 2009 it has been a vision and goal of Sheriff Chris Bowman to revitalize the Community Watch program.  The first community meetings were held in the Bethlehem area in August 2010 and the program has seen rapid growth since.  Though the Community Watch signs may have undergone a face lift, the core goals of the program remain:  bring community members and law enforcement together for the common goal of responding to and preventing crime in the neighborhoods of Alexander County.

Community Watch Meetings

Community meetings are held periodically in all interested communities in the County.  The meeting dates, times and locations are advertised in both the Taylorsville Times and on B86 860 AM radio.  If you would like more information on the next scheduled meeting in your area or would like to see the program established in your community please contact Captain Keith Warren or Deputy Rick Lail.

Each meeting is both informative and empowering; providing citizens to knowledge and tools to help prevent crime in their own neighborhoods.