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Records Division

The Records Division is responsible for all administrative tasks associated with the acceptance, processing and recording of any legal process (Warrant, Civil Summons, Subpoena, Magistrate’s Order, etc) that is delivered the Alexander County Sheriff’s Office for service by its’ officers.  The division also enters all information from Incident Reports, Arrest Reports, Supplementary Investigation Reports, and other official documents that officers complete in the course of their investigations.  This data is entered into a records management database for access by employees of the Sheriff’s Office.


Report Copy Requests

If you are the victim of a crime and need a copy of an Incident Report or other documentation that was recently completed by the investigating officer you may request a copy free of charge.  Please note that reports take an average of 2 days to be processed by staff before they are available for pick up.  Please bring your case number with you when you request a report copy (if you have that information available).  Your request must be made in person at the Records Division office located in the lobby of the Alexander County Sheriff’s Office located at 91 Commercial Park Avenue, Taylorsville.  Report copies can only be mailed or faxed if they are requested by a victim’s insurance company.

Contact Information

PH:  (828) 632-1111 

Office Hours:  Monday – Friday  8am-4pm