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Evidence Release Request Form

If you are the rightful owner of items being held by the Alexander County Sheriff’s Office Property & Evidence Section you may complete the form below to request that these items be returned back to you.  Please note that per N.C.G.S.  §15-11.1 items seized as evidence in a criminal investigation which results in charges must be retained in the custody of the court until the conclusion of the trail and all appeals.  Items held may be released by authorization of the District Attorney’s office prior to trail at their discretion.  Items held during and after the trail can only be disposed by a court order signed by a judge.  Every effort is made by this office to ensure that all items seized are disposed of according to law an in the most expedient manner possible.  If you have questions regarding items being held as evidence you may contact the Evidence Custodian by calling 828-632-1111  EXT 623 or by completing the form below.